To manage a fast streaming web site, you need to have a clean and well crafted code. Within the Web Site Control Panel, you can find a group of instruments that will assist you increase your website’s effectiveness without having to touch anything within the back–end code. The Site Accelerator Programs – Varnish, Memcached and Node.js won’t only aid you to present faster loading speeds to your website visitors and thus cut down bounce rates, but will also skyrocket your site higher in the search engine ranking positions.

To work with the Site Accelerator Programs, merely sign into your Web Site Control Panel and produce an instance for the one you need the most.


RAM–storing rather than database requests

Should you have an active database–powered website or web app, it could have issues running speedy for the visitors because of the numerous requests delivered to the database. To aid you solve the web page loading issue, we have listed the Memcached system in the Web Site Control Panel.

Memcached is an impressive distributed memory object caching platform, which caches data and objects in the server’s RAM to stop the database from getting asked whenever a visitor opens a certain web page. This way, your website pages will load faster for customers and will boost the chance for them to come back.

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RAM–storing in place of HTTP calls

You will discover a number of strategies to speed up a website, however, most of them require a coder to redo the backend code. Luckily, there are more straightforward tools for quickening a website, just like the Varnish web accelerator instrument incorporated into BIGSITES INDIA’s Web Site Control Panel.

Varnish represents web application accelerator, which keeps HTTP requests within the RAM and returns them to the site visitor in contrast to expecting the hosting server to return them. Testing indicate that employing Varnish on a website or a web app typically accelerates delivery times with a factor of 300 – 1000x. Varnish can be configured how to handle arriving queries – if they need to be processed by Varnish, by the hosting server, and so forth.

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Meant for building quick and also adaptable web applications

Web developers can implement Node.js for putting together many types of high–quality and cost–efficient tools including market statistics, live web apps and website CMS, to name some. It is truly super fast and adaptable and is backed up by an enthusiastic community that is consistently improving and sustaining it.

Node.js is based on the Google V8 JavaScript engine and additionally uses an event–driven, non–blocking I/O pattern that produces its API adaptable and upgradeable. This brand–new formula makes it possible for web developers to quickly produce high performance applications only using a single language.

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